Holistic Approach

Amba School for Excellence has been conceived and created with highest intents for the educational, personal and spiritual development of its students and faculty. ASE is affiliated to the Gujarat State Education Board and the curriculum is the learning experience offered by the school. Education is centered around academics, leadership as well as child development. Our emphasis is to facilitate real life association of the classroom learning.


High emphasis is laid on developing and enhancing individual creativity, thinking, language and creative expression, gross motor, fine motor and sensorial skills in each child during the pre-primary developmental key stages. From Primary stages onward, we continue to focus on development of all round excellence through collaboration, critical thinking, language and creative expression, practical experiences, outdoor education, projects and peer discussions, role play and various extra curricular activities.

A child in Pre-Primary undergoes self discovering experiences journeys through Montessori equipment and 'play way method' to discover individual skills and potential. The child's progress is measured through various assessment techniques.

From Primary grades onward, Active Learning Methodology (ALM) is inculcated along with guided facilitation to make teaching learning process more effective and student centered. A child’s progress is measured through formative as well as summative assessments.

Every child is unique. To address individual learning needs and multiple intelligences and skills in the classroom, we use a variety of teaching learning methodologies. Special classes and learning sessions designed on the basis of ‘Minimum Learning Level’ make the foundational learning of each subject concrete.


Nurturing high character through ageless principles is an integral part of ASE’s culture via Akram Science program. The staff role models and exemplifies these characteristics in their daily practices.

Leadership, self discipline, collaboration, growth and excellence is nurtured through various events, functions and school activities. Committees are formed and students are encouraged to collaborate and ensure effective execution.

Culture translates by seeing and doing. Students participate in various cultural, spiritual & Sports events. This provides a platform for them to recognize their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. They also develop social responsibility through various initiatives and learn empathy towards self and others.

While exploring all these opportunities, they learn to acknowledge one’s mistake, avoid hurting anyone through action or words and focus on giving happiness to others.