Where is Amba School for Excellence?

Amba School for Excellence is located within Trimandir Sankul at Adalaj, just off Ahmedabad Kalol Highway.

Who are the Managing Trustees of the School Board?

The Managing Trustees are affiliated to a non-sectarian spiritual organization having H.O. in Simandhar City at Adalaj, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The Trustees are qualified individuals who are fully-dedicated & committed to the growth of the organization.

What are the academic specifications of Amba School for Excellence?

Amba School for Excellence is affiliated with Gujarat State Education Board (GSEB). We offer Nursery through 12th Grade in gujarati medium and up to Grade 6th in English medium which will increase until we reach 12th grade. We offer Commerce stream in Gujarati medium.

How does Amba School for Excellence envision its growth in the coming years?

Our future plans include offering multiple Boards to cater to various education needs of the learners.

How do I enroll my child at Amba School for Excellence?

All admissions are made through the Principal and when seeking admission, prospective students are requested to provide copies of previous school reports and school leaving certificate wherever applicable. Prospective students are interviewed and if needed, they are asked to sit for an entrance test.

For late admissions, i.e. Mid-term or after school opening, the applicable fees will be considered. Parents are expected to cooperate and give full support to the teachers in giving special efforts wherever necessary for catching up on any work missed by the child.

For detailed information regarding the Admission process, contact Amba School for Excellence Call at : +919924345200

What is the academic school year, and when can my child gain admission to the school?

Our academic school year calendar is from June till May. Admittance for first semester is in June, and second semester in November.

What are the unique learning opportunities for my child at Amba School for Excellence?

What extra-curricular activities are offered at Amba School for Excellence?

Our students engage in Sports, Art and Craft, Computers, outdoor activities, environmental awareness programs and festival celebrations. Post school evening activity centre provides various other skill development classes like Music, English language learning, ICT, Skating, Creative craft and painting etc.

What kinds of activities do the students participate in?

Our students participate in various competitions like Sports, Essay writing, Story writing, Public speaking, Role play, Debate, Drawing, Craft, Singing and Recitations.

What is Akram Science?

Akram Science is a spiritual science, which unfolded spontaneously as a result of Pujya Dadashri’s awakening in 1958. At Amba School for Excellence our children are profoundly blessed to begin exploring this science, in depth, from their early age. As conveyed by Pujya Niruma and Pujya Deepakbhai, those who follow the Akram Science principles, will lead their lives in the spirit of non-violence, forgiveness, purity, and pure love – in body, speech, thoughts, and intents.