Other Activities

Our students participate regularly in Yoga, Sports Activities, Art and Craft, Field Trips, Environmental awareness programs and multi-cultural religious festivals. Various Competitions like Design for change projects, Sports competitions, Essay-writing and Story-writing, Public speaking and Debate, Drawing, Crafts, Singing and Poetry/Sanskrit Shlok Recitations, Traditional costumes, Hairstyles, and Mehndi designs take place on a year to year basis. Various functions and events are planned where students and staff join hands through teamwork and creativity to get the show on.

Amba Activity Centre

A program offered post school hours, Amba Activity Centre caters to a range of other activities to enhance the all round development of a child. Various activities for Music like Keyboard, Tabla, Harmonium etc. and art activities like Calligraphy, Painting etc. are also conducted. Computer skills and English enhancement programs are also made available for all those who require additional support or display key interest in these areas.

To know more about youth activities visit : youth.dadabhagwan.org

To know more about kids activities visit : kids.dadabhagwan.org